Yoga Mom and Baby

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced student, whatever shape you are in, you are in the perfect place to practice yoga.

As an expert in the field I am able to share information about the benefits of practicing yoga with your baby. This information is available through my regularly scheduled yoga mom and baby classes or you can read my book, Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby.

Classes for Yoga Mom's and Their Babies

The classes are taught at both Karma Kids and Prenatal Yoga Center in New York, NY. You can find the most recent class schedule here.

Read my Yoga Mom Book

My book shares many of the yoga workout techniques I cover in my classes and also the benefits of including your baby in your yoga sessions.

Included topics are: 

  • prenatal yoga, with a focus on the last trimester
  • what to do after birth through the first six weeks, with special poses for women who have had C-sections
  • modified yoga poses that respect your changing post-pregnancy body and give all of yoga’s benefits—stretching, strengthening, and relaxing 
  • fun yoga moves that encourage your baby’s natural flexibility and growth 
  • breathing and relaxation exercises as well as partner postures and much more!

Experience the joy of yoga while bonding with your baby.